USPS Worker Sentenced for Aiding Darknet Drug Traffickers


Seven men pled guilty in July of 2016 to violating narcotics and money laundering by distributing cocaine via the darknet. Recently, law enforcement officials discovered that the drug distributors did not work alone, but had the help of a United States Postal Service employee.

The Pennsylvanian postal worker by the name of Joseph Borrelli is said to have provided the members of the group with information on how to minimize the potential of setting off red flags and being caught. Borrelli would give the drug distributors addresses of vacant homes to use as return addresses in case of shipping issues. The man also intercepted many drug packages before they were sent out by the mail carrier, and opened an untraceable PO box for the drug ring.

Judge Arthur Schwab sentenced the 49-year-old postal worker to four years in prison and a five-year supervised release. Per the Department of Justice report, “Prior to imposing sentence, Judge Schwab stated that Borrelli abused his position of trust as postmaster to aid the drug conspiracy.”

Tome Verbic