Ross Ulbricht Legal Fund Hacked – $40k Lost


Ross Ulbricht was the mastermind of the Silk Road online drug empire. He was convicted on seven criminal counts in the beginning of February of last year ranging from engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise to distributing narcotics and money-laundering conspiracy. Ulbricht’s parents and many in the Bitcoin community have called for an appeal to the life sentence, but the documents alone would cost over fourteen thousand dollars.

In early December, a Free-Ross-A-Thon fundraiser launched — amassing over $23,000 in donations. Bitcoin entrepreneur Roger Ver matched the raised amount, bringing the total to over $47,000. Unfortunately, less than a month after the successful fundraising, many of the accounts of the Free Ross fund were compromised including Paypal accounts, Bitcoin keys, phone numbers and social media accounts. Approximately 45 Bitcoin or $40,000 USD were transferred out of the Free Ross Bitcoin account in multiple transfers. A notice was posted on the official Facebook page to inform fund supporters of the hack.

Free Ross Post

Roger Ver tweeted “Hackers that prey upon those who are already dealing with so much heartache deserve all of our contempt.”

The website states, “Ross Ulbricht is now serving (and appealing) a double life sentence for all non-violent charges, based on his alleged role in the Silk Road website/marketplace. We believe this is an enormous miscarriage of justice” The team claims that the awareness raised is shining the light on the serious implication of the case on individual citizen’s liberties.

Tome Verbic