UK’s Crime Agency Report: Average Cybercriminal Age Is 17


The National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom has seen a large increase in millennials use of the darknet. The NCA is the national law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom. Early this month they released a report showing how many teens are engaging in drug distribution and hacking in order to gain notoriety.

A young hacker who is currently serving time for fraud and computer misuse recently told a group of NCA officials, “it made me popular. I enjoyed the feeling. I looked up to those with the best reputations.” A staggering statistic showed the average cyber crime suspect in the United Kingdom is seventeen years old.

Unlike older criminals, young hackers do not prioritize financial gain, but rather see hacking as a chance to prove themselves. Therefore, it is generally believed more resources should be directed towards preventing these types of crime by promoting careers in cyber security.

Tome Verbic