Three Silk Road Vendors Indicted


Three high-profile Silk Road vendors were indicted for their involvement in illicit activity on the market. Julian Villa-Gomez Lemus, Alfonso Bojorquez and Muqbel Saeed resided in California and were heavy hitters in terms of drug volume on the network. The United States Postal Inspection Service is said to have been the agency that ultimately brought the men down.

The trio were among the top 11% of drug vendors on the Silk Road and completed over 300 transactions over the span of a year. The members of the drug ring had 100% positive reviews and generated over $1.9 million in revenue. Transactions spread throughout the world, with the highest concentration in the United States and Australia. The Drug Enforcement agency reported that the men had successfully completed over 1,300 transactions up until the point of their arrest.

The men went by the usernames “darkexpresso,” “Damien Darko,” and “bonappetit” on the market. It is unknown how the large-scale drug cartel stood unnoticed by law enforcement for such a long period of time. However, the defendants were arraigned in Florida and are expected to be sentenced on March 23rd of this year. The sentencing could result in up to 20 years in a federal penitentiary per person, with all of the profit from the operation confiscated.

Tome Verbic