Pedophilia Promoting Onion Site Shut Down by Hackers


A darknet site named Paradise Village featuring abusive, sexual images of children was recently shut down by hackers. The despicable website was hosted via Freedom Hosting II and permitted pedophiles to post images and videos and discuss sexual relations with children.

The Times publication analyzed the server and extracted user data, then handed the details of over 50 British users to the National Crime Agency. Among those who discussed their sexual interest with minors on the site was a boarding school governor and a hospital worker. The investigation is currently ongoing, and we will bring you updates as they occur!

As previously reported, Michael Fluckiger who moderated Playpen’s illicit child pornography website was sentenced to twenty-years in a United States prison. Thankfully, over two-hundred active investigations stemmed from the Playpen bust. While it is currently unknown how many criminals will be busted in this case, you can be sure we will bring you the latest updates!

Tome Verbic