German Man Arrested for Shipping DarkNet Drugs to Mother’s Home


A German man was arrested for shipping darknet drugs to his mother’s home in Unterach in August of last year. The 36-year-old had ordered 100 ecstasy pills and 675 grams of speed, with the street value at approximately 17,000USD. The suspect had shipped multiple packages to his mother’s house – all of them were intercepted by the Frankfurt Customs Office.

A local news agency recently published a story that illustrated how criminals are profiting millions of dollars in the drug trade. The online drug network is shown to be an increasing issue in Germany, with many unregulated, dangerous and counterfeit drugs being released into circulation within the country.

The German authorities stated the man was part of a “substitution program.” Substitution therapy aims to essentially “calm down” the brain, by reducing the size of the dose down to zero. It is unknown if the man was required to join the program by law, or if it was voluntary. The program would have easily caught the drugs being sent to his house, so he sent them to his mother’s home.

After a few months of investigations, local German authorities raided his house. It is reported that he has received a lifetime ban on purchasing weapons by a judge and is currently in a Wels prison

Tome Verbic