American Tax Information Sold on Darknet


A Darknet Market was recently found by KrebsOnSecurity — a security news and investigation blog — that sells batches of American tax records. This discovered market also sells sensitive information such as Paypal accounts, banking information and account information for financial services.

This particular shop, “the name of which is being withheld so as not to provide it with free advertising — currently includes raw W-2 tax form data on more than 3,600 Americans, virtually all of whom apparently reside in Florida. The data in each record includes the taxpayer’s employer name, employer ID, address, taxpayer address, Social Security number and information about 2016 wages and taxes withheld,” Krebs stated.

With the purchased tax information, criminals can file tax returns before the individuals who are on the list. If filed before the individual, the IRS will deny them permission to receive their owed returns. Hackers are currently selling the tax information for between $4 and $20 per W-2 form.

Tome Verbic