19 Year Old Drug Arrested For Importing Drugs


A 19-year-old was recently arrested and charged for purchasing drugs through the darknet. Toby Fairall was a citizen of Alderbury, England and will be tried by a Salisbury Crown Court. Following the last shipment of drugs, In the three months prior to his arrest, he had supposedly turned his life around.

Per Simon Edwards — the chief prosecutor in the case — law enforcement agencies discovered that Fairall was using the darknet service Amora. Amora is a darknet market that sells both legal and illicit goods and per the report is “the equivalent of Amazon.”

Toby Fairall had spent £14,750 — approximately $18,339 USD — on Cannabis over a five month period. He is said to have completed 26 darknet transactions over the period, with packages received every three weeks. Members of United Kingdom’s border patrol intercepted one of those packages, resulting in the investigation and ultimate arrest and charges.

Fairall pled guilty and was sentenced to 14 months in jail and is being forced to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work. The admission of guilt by the defendant is said to have prevented him from receiving a harsher sentence.

Tome Verbic