Young Germans Arrested, Dark Net Drugs Seized


Both a 22-year-old man and his 27-year-old wife were arrested in the Buer suburb of Germany early this month for drug-related crimes. The woman opened the door for law enforcement without a fight, leading officials to discover more than what they had hoped for.

German law enforcement suspected that the couple were purchasing drugs via a darknet vendor last year, ultimately leading to the search of the home. The German officials discovered 26 harvested cannabis plants, totaling 508 grams of plant material used to create marijuana. 205 grams of Magic Mushrooms, 47 ecstasy pills, one gram of cocaine and approximately three grams of a marijuana mixed with tobacco were also discovered by law enforcement personnel.

Both of the parties arrested refused to comment on the discoveries but instead asked for legal counsel. It is without question that Germany has a crisis on its hands, with a growing trend of teenagers purchasing drugs via the Dark Net. Per a Swedish news agency, school drug crimes have doubled in the last year from 443 to 897 cases. Although mainly marijuana, such a spike of drug use in German teenagers is alarming.

Tome Verbic