Soylent Meal Replacement Company Launches Darknet Market


Soylent, a meal replacement company just launched a darknet shop in collaboration with their marketing agency, Wieden+Kennedy. Soylent is said to contain “a complete blend of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and micronutrients: everything the body needs to thrive.” The Soylent team has released many flavors of its drink, food bars, and even powder to mix with water.

The company’s Darknet store named Soy Route allows consumers to get their hands on experimental flavors and limited-edition products. Surprisingly, the market even accepts Bitcoin. Chief Executive Officer, Rob Rhinehart stated that the products listed on the Soy Route markets are not available elsewhere.

“The W&K Lodge team’s focus on emerging areas of tech and its ability to develop experiences that bring brands to life in unexpected ways appealed to our own team’s innovative spirit and mission,” stated Chief Marketing Officer, Adam Grablick. Soylent’s goal of the new market is to drive in a crowd of more tech-savvy consumers to the brand.

The Market can be accessed here: http://soylentkxgydn6bz.onion/

Tome Verbic