Man Charged For Hiring Darknet Hitman To Kill Wife

Close up crime scene investigation police boundary tape

An Oregon man by the name of Stephen Carl Allwine was arrested in late January for allegedly murdering his wife, and was later released on a $500,000 bail. Police found Allwine’s wife Amy dead with a gunshot to her head two months prior to his arrest.

Per a document released by a local publication, “Stephen Allwine and his son were standing in the open garage when police arrived. Allwine told officers where they could find his wife: in their bedroom. They found her, lying on the floor, a pool of blood under her head. She was warm to the touch, but officers could detect no pulse — “obviously dead,” authorities would later state publicly. The gun, a 9 mm Springfield XDS, was near her left forearm and elbow. She was right-handed, her parents said. There was no blood spatter, no soot, no gunpowder on her hands.”

Allwine was already in the scope of investigators in 2016 after the FBI contacted the local Cottage Grove police and relayed information that a murder-for-hire plot was being created on the Darknet. The police department recommended the Allwines increase security at their home, but little did they know it was Stephen Allwine planning the murder. The FBI recently stated that Allwine attempted to pay a hitman named “dogdaygood” $5,000 to have Amy murdered in a hit and run.

Police believe Stephen ordered the murder of Amy to collect her insurance payout of $700,000. Allwine was released on bail but soon rearrested as he violated the bail conditions by attempting to track down his 9-year-old son. Sentencing will occur later this year.

Tome Verbic