German Policymakers Consider Teaching Children about Drugs and the Darknet


Policymakers in Germany are considering teaching kindergarteners about drugs, the darknet and addiction. Many countries, including Germany blame the darknet as the driver of drug sales in their countries and they now hope to educate young children about the dangers of drugs.

A local newspaper explained that young children flock to cannabis because of the fear of consequences of possession of hard drugs. An organization by the name of Diakonisches Werk in Germany explained that children are beginning to experiment with substances such as marijuana at a younger age. They also assert that the majority of the marijuana provided to these younger children originate from the Darknet. The validity of this claim is unfounded and is believed to be a scare tactic.

The group of humanitarians stated, “The Internet, especially the so-called Dark Net, plays an important role here, which is no longer alien to the young people today. The risk of being discovered at all is also being lost, and these new paths mean that the risk is completely reduced,” a social worked Uwe Holdmann said. The officials believe the dangers of drug use and risks of darknet marketplace use should be taught to kindergarteners as young as 6. The proposal is deemed senseless as most children can not even function a computer or have even heard about the darknet or what drugs are. While the suggestion has good motives, it would likely only exacerbate the growing problem.

Tome Verbic