German Man Found With Narcotics, Weapons and Counterfeit Money


A local news station recently reported a 28-year-old German man went before a court for the possession of illicit drugs, weapons, and counterfeit money. The accused stated that he had only ordered drugs off of the Dark Net for friends, but became curious and started using them himself.

While raiding the man’s apartment in Neugereut, the police officers found bags of ecstasy, a revolver, blank firing weapons, over a kilogram of cocaine, several kilos of marijuana and many fake 50 euro banknotes. The defendant stated the banknotes were of a low quality and for that reason had no plans of adding them into circulation.

Per the court documents, the man failed a career training, ultimately leading him into a downwards spiral with frequent panic attacks, anxiety and drug dependency. He was a competitive hockey player but had to give it up because of the issues he was dealing with in life. The court trial is still active, therefore the man’s sentence is unknown.

Tome Verbic