Final Texan Pled Guilty in Fentanyl Distribution Ring


Three Texans were arrested on October 27th of 2016 and charged with conspiracy to distribute and possess, with intent to distribute fentanyl. The group distributed approximately $25,000 worth of fentanyl per week. Fentanyl is a an opioid used as anesthesia for surgery and to treat pain before and after the surgery, but when abused it can be deadly. The drug has attributed to the spike in opioid overdose related deaths in the United States.

Jessica Christine Holl, charged for her involvement in the darknet operation was the last of three to plead guilty. Her co-conspirators, Jamie Marie Robertson, and Sydney Caleb Lanier pled guilty earlier this year. Holl’s guilty plea came on the 27th of last month. The woman is said to have been the street dealer of the drugs in the city of Lubbock, and distributed them to Texan drug dealers. Investigators are currently looking for connections between the felons and drug overdoses in the state, but none have been found at this time.

Holl negotiated her plea in exchange for the prosecution’s recommendation of less than maximum charges.All three members of the extensive drug are expected to be sentenced later this year.

Tome Verbic