Europol Arrests 34 Teenagers in DDoS Attack Involvement


Europol, the law enforcement agency of the European Union launched an operation that targeted malicious users of DDoS tools. Thirteen countries worked together on the coordinated effort to bring the criminals to justice, some of which include the United States, Australia, France and the United Kingdom.

The international operation led to the arrest of 34 people, with 101 suspects interviewed and warned. According to the Europol report, “suspects were interviewed, detained and arrested or fined, [and] notifications were sent to parents and house searches were conducted.” Surprisingly, most of the suspects were young adults between the age of 17 and 20. Those arrested were suspected of launching DDoS attacks by paying for booters and stressors to take websites offline

With a growing cybersecurity need, there is a massive demand for gifted people in the security sector. The report states that the teenagers involved in the cybercrime have talents that could be put to good use and that there are much-needed strategies to show teenagers the importance of legally channeling them.

Tome Verbic