Drug Treatment Worker Pleads Guilty to Selling Drugs Resulting in Overdose


A Chicagoan man pled guilty to the distribution of controlled substances via the Darknet early this month. Kevin Campbell was a Silk Road vendor and drug treatment worker who was tied to a heroin overdose death in Washington. Ironically, while he was peddling drugs on the darknet, he worked at a drug treatment center with those struggling in the chains of addiction.

In August of 2013, Jordan Mettee of Bellevue, Washington was found lifeless with Silk Road open and logged in on the computer in front of him. Law enforcement personnel was then able to decrypt messages between Mettee and Campbell and form a case against the Chicago man.

Local law enforcement raided Kevin Campbell’s apartment in May of 2014 and found drugs, scales, drug bags other incriminating evidence. U.S. Attorney for Seattle’s District, Annette L. Hayes stated, “what allowed this defendant to work at a drug treatment center with people in the grips of addiction, and at the same time peddle dangerous drugs across the country via the dark web? The heroin this defendant sold killed one of his customers. At sentencing, we will ask the Court for a sentence that reflects that fact.”

Campbell’s guilty plea could call for a sentence of a maximum of 10 years. The defendant is expected to face sentencing on May 9th, 2017.

Tome Verbic