Corporate Insiders Profiting off of Darknet Markets


Insider training is a practice that is frowned upon, and illegal in most places. Per the US Securities and Exchange Commission, insider trading is when corporate employees buy and sell shares in their own company while in possession of nonpublic material or information about the security. Insider trading is said to undermine investor confidence in the fairness of the securities markets and could cause many traders to lose much capital.

A recent study released by REDOWL — an Information Security and Regulatory Surveillance company — showed the largely growing relationship between corporate insiders and the dark web.

One forum researched named “KickAss marketplace” was established in February of 2016 and is said to be a popular dark web community, with a charge of 1 Bitcoin for membership. The illicit KickAss marketplace provides insider trading information such as aggressive business remodeling and the ‘Know What’s Happening Before the Rest” technique.” Per the report, the forum claims to vet every post for accuracy before being published, with some members making more than $5,000USD per month selling their privileged information.

On a similar note, hackers are giving business insider’s tools and knowledge to steal data and commit fraud from within their companies. The use of insiders by hackers greatly eases their nefarious goals, by receiving help to bypass security firewall and protocols.

Tome Verbic