UPDATE: Teen Behind Hundreds of Bomb Hoaxes Charged


Michael Ron David Kadar who is a citizen of both the United States and Israel was recently arrested for making many anti-Semitic bomb and active shooter threats targeted at Jewish Community Centers across thirteen states. Kadar is also said to have been selling drugs and forged identifications on the Darknet and had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin seized.

In an update of our previous report, Kadar has just been charged by the United States Department of Justice. Prosecutors initially attempted to charge the teen with a whole slew of criminal activities, but in the end, the DoJ only charged the eighteen-year-old man with making threatening calls to Jewish Centers in Florida, conveying false information to police dispatch regarding harm to private residents in George, and cyberstalking.

The U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated, “These threats of violence instilled terror in Jewish and other communities across this country and our investigation into these acts as possible hate crimes continues.” U.S. Attorney G. F. Peterman III added, “People, especially children, deserve to feel safe in their communities.”

Tome Verbic