Belgian Dark Net Vendor Required to Give Up 946 Bitcoin


Last year a twenty-five year old by the name of Stijn Victor was arrested for running a darknet shop out of his parent’s home in Belgium. The five others involved in the operation walked away without any major charges.

Victor was sentenced to forty months in prison, and could potentially be facing 120+ hours of community service. He is also forced by the judge to forfeit 946 Bitcoin. The Bitcoin being seized is equivalent to approximately $860,000 at the current exchange rate. The defense argued that much of the Bitcoin was obtained through legal means and was earned when the Bitcoin value was much lower, however, the judge wrote it off.

The darknet operation resulted in over 1,878 transactions over the past three years. Victor bought vast amounts of amphetamines and resold them via the darknet. Victor used the addresses of local businesses as the origin of the packages, but on this occasion did not include the correct postage fees. This ultimately led to his demise, with the packages being returned to the originating address, and suspicious packages reported to police.

Victor was caught through careless packaging. One of the six suspicious packages referred to the local police had Victor’s partial prints on them, those of which were in the government system.

Tome Verbic